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Throughout my 20+ year career as leader in the enterprise software business, I have always had a unique style and approach. Over the years, I have accumulated a number of "Slickisms" (after my last name "Sliwkowski) which are a set of one-liners, stories, and ways of thinking that can help people improve their leadership, decision making, and ultimately keeping everyone's egos in check. I am also an avid fisherman so fishing stories and photos will incorporated into the blog.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Strategies are Vectors

I don’t know how many times new leadership get injected into an organization and the first thing that they want to change the direction of the company, or the function that they are responsible for. One of the concepts that I tried to establish is that strategies are vectors, in that they have both a direction and magnitude ( or what I commonly call velocity). It is very importantly to determine if a particular strategy is directionally flawed or simply lacks enough velocity to make successful. I have often seen where a directional change is made where all it needed was an increase in velocity.
Moreover, one of the hardest situations for a leader is when you are going in the wrong direction with high velocity. This will bring another piece of physics which is the conservative of momentum, and when you have strategic vector that going in the wrong direction with high velocity, the violent nature of simply stopping quickly can often have dramatic affects on an organization.

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